Childrens Dentistry

We believe that the best way to have excellent dental health for life it start good oral hygiene habits early. Regular 12 month exams from the age of 2-3 are recommended to get your child into these good habits.

Dental Caries (tooth decay) in children has improved over many decades with the introduction of fluoride in tap water and improved education but it is still a wide spread issue among a lot of children. Most parents know about the increased risks of decay with lollies, junk food and soft drinks but some parents may be unaware of the risks of decay with what would be considered healthier foods and drinks. Foods such as citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, lemons etc.), dried fruits (sultanas, dried apricots etc.) and drinks like fruit juice and flavoured milks can put your child at risk of decay. The increase consumption of energy drinks in older children is also causing an increase in decay and erosion (dissolving of teeth) in their adult teeth, leading to long term teeth problems and tooth loss.

Bay Family Dental fully participates in the Federal Governments Children's Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS). If you qualify for family tax benefit A or B your child may be eligible. If you are a HCF member you may also be eligible for gap free preventative treatment for your child.

We also make mouthguards for children's and adult's sports. Check with your health fund you may be eligible for a gap free mouthguard once a year.


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