Crown and Bridge

Crowns are a strong protective covering for teeth to restrengthen a tooth or prevent a tooth from fracturing.

There are a number of situations when a crown may be recommended for you:

  • When a tooth has a large filling, weakening the tooth
  • When a tooth has cracking in it from use over time, from an old filling, from clenching or grinding of your teeth. Most cracks can have no symptoms until the tooth fractures or it cracks into the nerve
  • When a tooth has broken teeth
  • When teeth need restoring due to wear or erosion (acid dissolving the tooth)
  • For Cosmetic reasons

When you have lost a tooth, it can affect your ability to eat, affect your appearance or put more pressure on your remaining teeth and increase risk of damaging the remaining teeth.

A bridge is one option for replacing missing teeth. A bridge is where you crown or attach to the teeth either side of the missing tooth and there is a false tooth attached to replace the missing tooth.

Bridges are a fixed option to replace your teeth, meaning they cannot be removed at home, making them a comfortable and cosmetic option to replace missing teeth. Care needs to be taken with bridges as you will need to use special flossing techniques to clean under your bridge or you risk decay. Regular preventative appointments and x-rays are also required for their ongoing care.

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